Jo-kwon releases his first song under Cube Entertainment.

Lonely Jo-kwon
Image source – Cube Entertainment

“I needed a turning point,” Jo-kwon admitted during an afternoon press conference for his new song “Lonely” at Blue Square in Seoul.

“I did not think it was a big issue for me, but I was at JYP since I was a child. And I had been there for 16 years.” He continues breaking down why he left the agency he made his debut from with 2AM. “But, I thought, I have shown everything I could show at JYP in those 16 years. I was so happy and thankful, but I needed a turning point,” he said.

Last year Jo-kwon decided not to renew his contract with JYP Entertainment after 16 years. Later, after about a month Jo-kwon revealed that he had signed an exclusive agreement with Cube Entertainment. His decision to sign with the agency was mainly motivated by his friendship with the CEO. Moreover, although he was staring over at a new company, Jo-kwon said that it was not uncomfortable. “Actually, while 2AM had a contracted with JYP Entertainment, our management was with Cube Entertainment! So When I moved to Cube, I felt as if I had returned home without any embarrassment.”

Meanwhile, Jo-kwon has released his first single, “Lonely.” It has been two years since Jo-kwon last release, “Crosswalk,” which came out in 2015. Check out the video for “Dawn” below!

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