Actor Jo Jung-suk hints at legal action by saying he will no longer tolerate false speculation and rumors spreading.

Image source – OSEN News

On October 17, rumors spread on online communities and social media that Jo Jung-suk and singer Yang Jiwon are romantically involved. However, both parties have denied the allegations.

Yang said that “some years ago we were in a drama together, so there is a closeness,” she explained. Moreover, while they have been in chatrooms (with more than two people) on a messenger application, they have not had any personal calls or text messages in the past five years.

Additionally, Yang said that she is “sad and upset because Jo Jung-suk is already married and I’m also in a relationship,” hinting at the insinuation the rumors had that the two would cheat on their partners. It was probably this insinuation that led to Jo’s deciding to take a strong response to the allegations.

On the 18th, Jo’s agency, JS Company made a public statement in an official press release. In it, the agency said that it could no longer sit idle as the rumor damaged Jo’s reputation. “We have judged that the current rumor circulating has reached an unacceptable level,” JS Company said.

Further, it said that it “will take strong measures through legal action” if the rumors and damage (to Jo Jung-suk) continues. Within the scope of possible prosecution includes malicious rumors, false information, personal commented and other related deviations.

The public is actively supporting Jo and his agency’s move to protect themselves from baseless speculation.



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