Jo In-Sung says he turned down the offer to appear in film “The Great Battle” 3 times before he finally accepted the role.

Truly, the winning film for this year’s Chuseok holidays is no doubt “The Great Battle,” starring various A-list celebrities, including Jo In-Sung, Park Sung-Woong, and AOA’s Seolhyun. Within two weeks of premiere, the film surpassed over 4 million moviegoers and remained no. 1 at the Korean box office for 10 consecutive days.

During the recent interview with Esquire magazine, Jo In-Sung revealed the story behind accepting the offer to appear in “The Great Battle.” The actor says he rejected the offer at least 3 times before finally agreeing to be the general that the film desperately needed.

Jo In-Sung said, “I denied it three times. I didn’t think it was possible. How could I take on the role of a general? To be honest, actors who look like me cannot take on serious roles as a general. The public has this certain perception of a historical film, and so did I. I look very different from the image of a general that the public and I had. That’s when I realized I was avoiding my responsibility. I felt like I was trying to take the easy route. Even though I wanted to do the film, I was giving it some kind of lame excuses. So I just decided to take it, no matter what happens later.”

He continued, “I hesitated a lot when I was first working with writer Noh Hee-Kyung, to decide whether or not to appear in “That Winter, the Wind Blows” in 2016. I ended up working on three more dramas with him afterwards. It was the same with “The Great Battle.” No one knows what will happen in the future.”

Furthermore, the actor talked about celebrating his 20th anniversary since debut.

Jo said, “I used to be very arrogant. I didn’t show it, but I was arrogant until 5 years ago. Then suddenly, the reality hit me. I didn’t know the right from wrong. I’m actually quite satisfied with my life right now. It’s important that you are content with the way things are at the moment. My parents are healthy and my brother is doing well. I’m doing fine with my work. The fact that you are content right now, no matter what the results will be in the future. The fact that you are not at your worst. That’s the definition of a happiness.”

Image Source – Esquire

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Translated by Dasol Kim