Jo Chan-Chu says EXO’s D.O. completely changed his perception of idols-turned-actors!

On October 31, actor Jo Han-Chul answered several questions regarding Do Kyung-Soo, who appeared as his son in the recently ended drama “100 Days My Prince.” Jo began to compliment the idol member, “he such a diligent worker.”

The two met through the recently ended drama, “100 Days My Prince” as father-son figures. Jo continued to explain how he had much doubt about D.O., since he did not originally debut as an actor.

Jo said, “there are many times where idols get to be the centerpiece of dramas and films. Because they were not trained as long as actors are, I always worried if they could adapt to the surroundings easily. Do Kyung-Soo was different. He was great. Even though he is very young, he carried much responsibility on his back.”

He continued, “when we were rehearsing our first scene together, he could’ve had relaxed and gone easy. However, he continued to directly stare at my eyes and really showed his focus. His attitude towards this drama, the way he handled the lines and acting, I really liked that about him.”

“I’m sure he had the urges to prove that he can act as well as any other actors,” Jo continued, “and he really showed that with his attitude. After filming our first scene, I realized I should work harder. There’s this certain feeling that you get when you work with a great actor. I got that from Do Kyung-Soo.”

At the end, Jo Han-Chul mentioned the upcoming film of Do Kyung-Soo. The actor said, “apparently, he has a premiere of upcoming film ahead of him. Since the drama was such a success, I’m sure the film is as great. He is also a great singer. The fact that I was Do Kyung-Soo’s father, I’m honored.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim