JJ Project Got Hilariously Pranked by GOT7 Yu-gyeom on Aztalk MelOn Radio


During their stint as special DJs on Aztalk MelOn Radio on August 10, JJ Project received a request from a worried father.

In the message the father explained how his daughter, Yu-jin, was a huge fan of JJ Project and once the news of their comeback became public she was so excited that she started to neglect her school work. Since Yu-jin was such fan of JJ Project the father believed that if JJ Project called his daughter and convinced her to study that she would sincerely listen to them.

But the call did not turn out the way the duo thought it would. Check out the segment below.

GOT7 is known for their powerful stages, charisma, and caring personalities but a trait that only fans of the group know about is just how mischievous they can really be.

GOT7 has a recorded history of being pranksters. In their mini series “real GOT7“, “GOT7ing“, and “Hard Carry“, a member (or more) has always been successfully pranked.¬†However, the most well-known gags achieved through meticulous planning and top-tier acting have been those targeting the youngest member, Yu-gyeom.

But the maeknae of this group is not known to just take things sitting down. A prank fest that happened on their Around the World 2014 Japanese tour was initiated by Yu-gyeom, as a way to redeem himself after being the target of a hidden-camera prank was successfully executed by the other members earlier that same year.

Perhaps the event that unfolded on Aztalk MelOn Radio was another attempt to get even with the two older members of GOT7, or perhaps, like the character he pretended to be, Yujin, he is just a fan too excited to pass the opportunity up to talk to his sunbaes JJ Project.

JJ Project is currently promoting their second studio album ‘Verse 2’, which was released July 31.

By O.C