Ji Sung says his entire life is focused on his wife, Lee Bo-Young!

During a recent interview to talk about his latest film “Feng Shui,” Ji Sung expressed his deep affection for his wife, Lee Bo-Young. Recently, the couple announced that they are expecting their second child and received many congratulations from the public.

Regarding the news, Ji Sung said, “I want to be with Bo-Young when the time comes. After going through the labor for our first child, I realized the first 100 days are the hardest. I can’t imagine me going to work while Bo-Young is taking care of our children by herself. That’s why I’m trying to be at home during that time period. I have a few offers that I’m currently looking over right now, but I will have to ask them to excuse me during that time period.”

Then, Ji Sung shared how Lee Bo-Young has helped him to become a better person in general. The actor said, “my entire life is focused on my wife, Lee Bo-Young. I learn so much from her ever since she came into my life.”

He continued, “Lee Bo-Young helped me to open my eyes. I met her in time of difficulties. I have never put myself first even as a child. I always put someone else’s priority before mine, and I never truly loved myself. However, my wife helped me to realize I need to love myself more. I am so thankful that I tear up every time someone mentions her name.”

He continued to talk about the importance of family being together.

Ji Sung said, “nowadays, scenarios and scripts that talk about the importance of family love catch my attention first. The drama “Innocent Defender” caught my attention because it’s about a father trying to save his daughter. Even if it’s a rare case that doesn’t happen to everyone, I wanted to dedicate this drama to those who actually went through a similar situation.”

Ji Sung concluded, “just like any dads, I have to spend time with my family to recover from exhaustion. I always think to myself to leave at least one drama where my kid would be proud of me when they see it in the future. However, I can’t spend much time with them when I do have to film for dramas/movies. So I try to spend my days off with my family. I don’t have my own private life. I’m truly apologetic for my friends, but family comes first.”

Image Source – Namoo Actors

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Translated by Dasol Kim