Actor Ji-woo revealed how it feels to appear in the romantic drama “First Love for the First Time.”

Image source – OSEN News

At the See What’s Next Asia event held at Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore actor Ji-soo (Kim Ji-soo) talked about his role in an upcoming Netflix drama. “First Love for the First Time” (working title) is a new romantic series that details the first lover stories of different young men in college.

Talking about the drama Ji-soo said that although it is “bright, youthful, melodramatic story of people in their twenties,” it is something that people of all ages can relate too. This is because it deals with falling in love for the first time, something that most adults have experienced in their lifetime.

While Ji-soo has appeared in other series that have a romantic story, he usually portrays a strong character such as a detective or factory worker. In this drama, he challenged himself to take on characteristics opposite to his past roles. “I play a character with a free but warm heart,” he said. ” I think I [wanted] this roles because I have a masculine image,” the actor explained.



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