Actress Jeon So-min expressed his feelings about marriage.

Image source – SBS

On the Sunday episode of SBS “Running Man,” the casts continues on the second half of their year-end mission race. In the recording, actress Jeon So-min, partnered with Ji Suk-jin and Yoo Jae-suk, caught sight of newlyweds celebrating their wedding ceremony.

Seeing the event, Jeon looked on happily and suddenly exclaimed that she wants to get married, too. For Ji and Yoo, Jeon’s comment caught them off guard leaving them exasperated and a bit embarrassed.

Talking about her desire to get married, the actress blamed the variety show for her unlucky romantic life. According to Jeon, she used all her luck on “Running Man” and had little left for herself, lamenting that she doesn’t think she’ll get married.



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