In a desperate attempt to beat the possibility of being single forever, actress Jeon So-min proposed to “Running Man” comedian member Yang Se-chan.

Image source – KBS

On Thursday’s episode of “Happy Together 4” on KBS2, actress Jeon So-min, singer Hong Jin-young, Norazo’s Jo Bin, Kim Hoyoung, and Park Yoo-na came together to talk about different memorable life experiences. For Jeon, who has adopted the persona of a girl looking for love on SBS’ “Running Man,” romance or the lack thereof, is a constant source of stress.

Fearing a life of loneliness, the actress once proposed to friends and fellow “Running Man” cast member Yang Se-chan. “I once jokingly asked him to marry me if I don’t get married in three to four years,” Jeon confessed.

In response, Yang said that she had “hit the iron wall [of desperation]” while trying to hold back his laughter. As an eye-witness to the proposal, Yoo Jae-suk added that afterward, Yang tried to “completely avoid” Jeon afterward. Ending that segment on her love life, Jeon commented that “it seems like its okay to not get married,” while smiling.

Notably, on the 384th episode of “Running Man,” the cast had their fortunes told for the new year. At that time, the fortune teller told Jeon that she would make a “nice couple” with Yang and that they would never break up or get a divorce. Maybe the fortune teller and Jeon are onto something.





By O.C