[Hot Clip] Jay Park Freestyles on U.S. Radio Show ‘Sway in the Morning’


Multi-talented artist Jay Park appeared on hip-hop radio show “Sway in the Morning” where he freestyled for a full three minutes.


As part of his promotion cycle for his debut single “Soju” under Roc Nation, Jay Park appeared on the pivotal hip-hop radio show “Sway in the Morning.” The hosts for the show are famous and notorious for upholding the standards of hip-hop, specifically in their ability to honor the principals, understand, and create quality hip-hop music.

During the show, Jay Park talked about how he does not consider himself as part of Kpop in the popular understanding of the term, but as simply an artist. However, to prove himself as a hip-hop artist, he was asked to step to the mic and spit a freestyle. The result? A three-minute freestyle of pure fire. Check it out above.



By O.C