A 7-member Japanese rookie boy group Ballistik Boyz, as known as BTZ is being accused of copying the concept of a Korean boy group Bangtan Boys (BTS).

On June 1, LHD Entertainment in Japan announced the debut of Ballistik Boyz. The name has a strong resemblance to Bangtan Boys as well as the number of the members. In addition, they are pursuing hip hop just like BTS, and consists of 4 vocalists and 3 rappers.

7-member rookie boy group ‘Ballistik Boyz’ as known as ‘BTZ’ before the official debut

Regarding the news, many netizens on various social media platforms and YouTube accused BTZ of copying the concept of BTS. Furthermore, some of them argue that BTZ’s teaser image remind them of BTS concept from the ‘DNA’ promotions. Even before making the official debut, BTZ is receiving heavy criticisms for being a “knock-off” BTS.

Image Source – YouTube

Furthermore, the netizens also mentioned that “not only is the number of vocalists and rappers the same, they even have one member that speaks English fluently (referring to the “replica” of RM of BTS).”

Others continued with the criticism by saying “they look so much like K-Pop groups.” “They look like they came from generations ago. They look so old.”

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Meanwhile, the fandom of BTS, Army, has a quite different response to BTZ. Army wanted to put all criticism until BTZ officially debut, and try to look at their music and quality, only.

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Translated by Dasol Kim