Kicking off 2019, the January rankings for top entertainers are full of surprises for everyone.


According to Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute, the rankings for January were shaken up. Examining data only from Korean variety shows, the top entertainers for this month are surprisingly female. Entertainers Lee Young Ja and Park Na Rae placed first and 2nd place respectively. Considering these two female entertainers were candidates for the Daesang or Grand Award for Entertainers in 2018, it is exciting to see them getting some deserved attention.

The research institute has explained Lee Young Ja’s increase in ranking (+2) is due to her winning 2 Daesang Awards for KBS and MBC in 2018. In addition, the top links were “Daesang awarded, congratulations, teary”  while the top keywords were “Daesang, manager, new era of fame.”

Compared to December 2018 rankings, Park Na Rae and Jun Hyun Moo both jumped 5 rankings each while other big shots like Yoo Jae Suk (-2), Kim Jong Min (-4), Lee Sang Min (-2), Kim Jong Kook (+2), Kang Ho Dong (-3), Shin Dong Yup (+4) and Kim Joon Ho (+15) had some shifts.

Many are enthusiastic to see female entertainers getting attention and much love among the mostly male-dominated entertainment world.


By Sara N