Comedian Jang Do-yeon has been chosen as the new co-host of variety show “The Fishermen and the City.”

Channel A

Jang Do-yeon is now co-hosting the fishing variety show with Lee Deok-hwa and Lee Kyung-kyu.

According to the staffs, Lee Deok-hwa and Lee Kyung-kyu each greeted their new colleague in a contrasting ways. While Lee Deok-hwa relieved the newbie on her first fishing trip, Lee Kyung-kyu went hard with her, giving out strict rules about being and emcee.

Jang Do-yeon, however, replied with humor, saying “Now let me teach you my rules since I’m one of the emcees now.”

In order to find her spot in the team, she even took a sashimi lesson. You will be able to watch the first show of “The Fishermen and the City” featuring Jang Do-yeon as a co-host in February.


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