New SBS show ‘Let’s Eat Cool’ is off to a great start with its first episode. The first guest of the episode was IU.

The show’s first episode aired on September 7th, and the average viewing rates of the first and second part of the episode were 3.8% and 3.6%, each. The new show had the highest viewing rate among the shows that also aired their first episodes at the same time, including ‘Dancing High’ and ‘Big Forest’.

On the first episode, 4 main MCs, who are Lee Kyoung-kyu, Kim Sang-joong, Chaerim, and Loco, explored the show’s first dish ‘fermented kimchi’. The four of them went to Yesan County of Choongnam, and experienced fermented kimchi’s strong taste and smell. At the same time, they enjoyed kimchi jjigae that was made with fermented kimchi.

Lee Kyoung-kyu said that the kimchi jjigae they had could be included in the top 10 kimchi jjigaes he has ever had in his life. The crew then brought the fermented kimchi for star chef Lee Won-il to cook. Although Lee Won-il looked dumbfounded with the rare dish, he soon cooked a kimchi tofu dish.

The first guest of the show was IU, and the moment when IU tries the chef’s dish and looks surprised reached the highest viewing rate (4.6%) of the episode.


Original article
by Audrey Joung