Singer and actress IU is set to be the first guest for the new upcoming variety show “Let’ Eat Well.”

On July 30, a broadcast official said that singer IU recently finished filming for “Let’s Eat Well” as the show’s first guest. Moreover, according to the official, the filming took place over the course of two days.

Reportedly, IU appearance in the show was decided based on her relationship with the production director (PD) of the show. Previously, PD Min Sun-hong worked on “Heroes,” a Sunday lineup variety show, that ran from 2010 to 2011. Coincidentally, IU was one of the cast members of the show.

According to reports, “Let’s Eat Well” is a variety program where the cast discover Korean ingredients that are not well known, try traditional recipes and different dishes created by star chefs. Further, Lee Kyung-kyu, Kim Sang-joong, Chae Rim, and Loco have signed up as regular cast members, raising excitement. However, with this announcement, expectations are rising to see the singer’s chemistry with the cast. “Let’s Eat Well” is scheduled to air in mid-August.

Meanwhile, the singer recently featured on Block B Zico’s comeback single “SoulMate.”




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