A new book published by a professor touting the health benefits of golf pilates is gaining attention.

A book that combines golf and pilates in gaining attention for the unusual combination and apparent health benefits. Professor Lee Sung-min, the head of the Department of Life and Sports Science at Suwon Science College is the mind behind the book.

In Golf Pilates, Lee presents ways to make the most out of those leisurely trips to the grassy lawns of a golf course. In particular, the professor puts to use the resistance practices of pilates to improve the golfers’ skills in the game. And Lee should know, he has been golfing for 24 years.

According to Lee, players need strength, balance, and flexibility to have any chance on course. Moreover, improving these qualities can improve people’s skill and the ideal training to do so is golf pilates.

Park Hee-young, who currently works at the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) lends credibility to Lee’s books. “If you train core muscles with a pilates, your body changes, your swing changes, and your range increases,” she said, revealing how ordinary golf fans can improve their skills without injury.

As golf grows as a hobby, more people are also getting injuries relating to the sport. Some golfers suffer back or other pain in their torso when by using muscle groups that they don’t normally use. The author advises golfers to start golf pilates right away if they want to play golf for a long time without injury or pain.

Further, Lee claims that the exercises are easy and convenient. All you need is a small device and a mat. By following the 57 different exercises and training their core muscles players can expect to be swinging machines in no time.



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