On March 30, the new JTBC drama ‘Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food’ will air their first episode. This is the 4th drama on JTBC by TV director Ahn Pan-seok.

Director Ahn Pan-seok is known for directing JTBC’s “hit drama,” ‘Secret Love Affair.’ In ‘Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food,’ man and woman who were just friends fall in love and create a love story. The drama is supposed to illustrate a real love story –  a love story that will gain much empathy from the audience.

Actor Jung Hae-in and actress Son Ye-jin will appear as the two main characters. Jung will act in the role of Seo Joon-hee, and Son in the role of Yoon Jin-ah. Two characters were supposedly just friends for a long time until they fall in love after their reunion.

A representative from the drama said, “we hope to continue on the success of JTBC dramas as we come in as a successor of ‘The Lady In Dignity’ and ‘Misty.’ We hope you look forward to our new drama.”

Seo Joon-Hee (portrayed by Jung Hae-in) is a character designer at a computer video game company. He returns to the headquarter in Korea after working abroad for three years when he falls in love with Yoon Jin-ah.

To answer why he chose this particular drama, Jung answered, “anybody could relate to the story line of this drama. That was what intrigued me.” He continued, “in the previous drama, my character’s job was very uncommon. The way I could portray it was very limited. However, the character Joon-Hee is someone anybody could find around them. I figured I would be able to portray more realistically in this drama.”

Son Ye-jin will portray the character, Yoon Jin-ah. She is a single woman in her 30s who works as a supervisor at a coffee franchise. She reunites with Seo Joon-Hee after 3 years and feels something more than just friends.

Son Ye-jin said, “I have so much trust in director Ahn Pan-seok,” to answer the reason for choosing ‘Pretty Sister’ as her comeback drama.

Apparently, Son has been reading a lot of script as she comes back for drama for the first time in 5 years. “It’s been so long since I’ve acted in a drama and truthfully, it is a bit exhausting. However, I’m trying my best to deliver you the realistic and liveliness of the story line through my acting.”

The first episode of ‘Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food’ will air on JTBC on Friday, March 30 at 11:00 p.m, KST.

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Translated by Dasol Kim