Kim Tae-ho, renowned for his variety show masterpiece “Infinite Challenge,” is readying a comeback with a new TV show.

On February 27, MBC revealed that the second season of “Infinite Challenge” is yet to be produced.

“There had been attempts to revamp the show for about two months,” said an official source from the broadcasting network. “But the current situation is not good enough to satisfy the high demand for the show, so we’ve decided to postpone the production.”

According to MBC, the attempts will be continued and producer Kim Tae-ho is discussing a new show as a creative director.

On February 26, Kim Tae-ho attended MBC’s annual TV advertisement pre-sale orientation as a spokesperson. At the event, the producer briefly mentioned annual plans, which included projects about North Korean cultural heritages, in-state funding businesses, as well as a show for Yoo Jae-suk.

At the event, the producer also hinted that a special something for “Infinite Challenge” fans will be revealed on March 31, commemorating the one year anniversary of the season’s finale.


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