INDIEFORUM has taken responsibility for the Leesong Hee-il’s sexual abuse controversy and has decided to take appropriate follow-up measures.

Leesong Hee-il indieforum
Image source – Star Today News

Soon after multiple news outlets published articles concerning the sexual abuse allegations a director brought against Leesong Hee-il, an INDIEFORUM representative responded. “We are aware of the seriousness of the issue, regarding the case submitted to the sexual equality committee on June 8,” they said.

Continuing, “In order to resolve the issue fairly and transparently, we have established an independent committee that works to resolve sexual discrimination and violence, and human rights violations in the INDIEFORUM. More, we will faithfully implement the measures following the results of the investigation,” they reassured.

Following this, the stated that the organization supports the Me Too movement. Further, they also assured that they are committed to creating a “culture of gender equality during the film festival,” and feel responsible for the controversy.

On June 11, a male film director went public with allegations that Leesong Hee-il of sexual abuse him. According to reports, the incident happened at the opening party for the film festival. There, the victim claims that Leesong told him that he “likes macho style guys like you” and that he “looks delicious.”

After submitting a claim on June 8 and not hearing a response for a few days, the victim decided to go public. More, the victim also expressed suspicion that INDIEFORUM was protecting Leesong, who was a former chairman.

Meanwhile, it is unknown how long the investigation will last.



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