Jo Deok-jae says that he can prove his innocence, even after being convicted to serve time in prison.


The accused actor, who has been revealed to be Jo Deok-jae, was indicted on charges for sexual assault. This case goes back two years to 2015 when the victim claims that Mr. Jo tore her underwear and inserted his hand into her pants.

The case was brought to trial in December 2016 at which point Mr. Jo was acquitted of the charge. However, the victim decided to appeal the judgement. On October 13 the High Court of Seoul sentenced Mr. Jo to serve one year in prison and two years on probation. Additionally, he will also need to complete a 40 hour sexual violence program.

On October 17 Mr. Jo decided to appeal the sentence, stating that he has proof of innocence. This appeal means that the case will now head to the Supreme Court. The defense said in a statement that due to the case heading to the Supreme Court they plan to hold a press conference with additional details.

Mr. Jo has been a regular cast member in the last two seasons of popular TvN drama, “Rude Miss Young-Ae”. He has also starred in a large number of films and has participated in theatrical plays.

By O.C