An image showing a North Korean knock-off version of popular South Korean instant noodle is going viral on social media.


On June 15, a Twitter user shared pictures comparing packaging designs for instant noodle products. The image on the right, which is labeled as “South Korea,” shows Buldak Bokkeum Myeon, a popular instant noodle product globally loved for its addictive spiciness.

The image on the other side shows a similar design, using black and red to emphasize the spiciness of the product. The same cute chicken mascot drawn on both packages may mislead one to think that they are the same products.


According to the Twitter post, however, the one on the left is a duplicate of the “fire noodle,” released in North Korea. The Twitter user who shared the pictures jokingly added, “Guess North Korean people loved Fire Noodles when they visited South Korea during the Olympics.”

The supposed North Korean Fire Noodle is named “Spicy Chicken Flavored Jajangmyeon.” The image of crushed pepper implies how spicy it would be.

Although it is unclear whether the product is really available in North Korea, people on social media are nodding their heads, agreeing that Fire Noodles are too addictive not to take home.


By Heewon Kim