YG Entertainment

K-pop boy group iKON is to host a TV home shopping show to sell packaged bulgogi products.

According to Lotte Home Shopping, the K-pop group will be hosting a home shopping show for 45 minutes from 10:45 PM on March 29. The product iKON is introducing on the show is the packaged beef bulgogi set from YG Foods, which is the food business label of iKON’s agency YG Entertainment.

YG Foods

In the show, the group members will be introducing and tasting the product. Special gifts including the group’s autographed albums and fan merchandises will also be available for the buying customers.

iKON is making the home shopping appearance as a part of their upcoming reality show “iKON TV.” The show will follow iKON members’ experience as part-time employees for the home shopping show.

Recently, TV home shopping channels are actively engaging entertainment on their shows to increase the sales. Previously, Super Junior hosted as a show to sell long padded coats, selling over 2 billion KRW.


By Heewon Kim