The latest unmasked singer who captivated everyone was a member of Kpop’s global idol group, Super Junior!

On March 10, a member of Kpop’s global idol group Super Junior was once again in the spotlight on MBC’s ‘King of Masked Singers’. He (Chang Young Shil) was able to make it to the third round with many people unable to guess the identity behind the mask. There was a time when the idol’s identity was mentioned in round 1 but no one followed up with that speculation.

When the big reveal finally occurred, everyone was amazed at the idol’s identity. One of the guest panelists was IZ*ONE’s Kwon Eun Bi who speculated Chang Young Shil to be an artist who debuted earlier but was younger than herself. When it was finally revealed to be Super Junior’s main vocalist Ryeo Wook, everyone was as expected very surprised. SuJu’s Ryeo Wook previously participated on the show prior to serving mandatory military service.

Were you able to guess the identity of Chang Young Shil?