It has been revealed that popular idol group’s member was illicitly admitted to a graduate school without having a formal interview process.

On January 16th, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency officially announced that they recently conducted an investigation on an university professor, who illicitly admitted the idol singer.

According to the police, the professor helped admitting the singer into the doctoral program at the school although he or she did not show up to the interview back in 2016. That year, the professor was the dean at the school.

In October 2016, the singer got disqualified to the program because he or she did not show up to the interview. Nevertheless, the school eventually admitted the singer to the school.

It was reported that other public figures including celebrities and company officials have been also illicitly admitted to the school without formal evaluation process.

Recently, the police searched the professor’s office and administration office to collect evidence.


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Translated by Audrey Joung