FNC, the entertainment company behind popular girl group AOA, has finally confirmed that Choa has officially departed from the group.

The now former member originally announced her departure from the group on her Instagram account on June 22 writing:

“After discussing with my agency, I have decided to leave AOA and cheer for other members from now on. Although I was the oldest girl in the group, I was still too young and there were many times I wanted to cry. I tried taking medicine to heal insomnia and depression and I also started having less schedules since two years ago. However, I realized it was not something that was caused by tiredness. Therefore, I eventually had to stop all my schedules.”

After Choa’s announcement FNC did not confirm nor deny her claim for over a week before making an official announcement about Choa’s departure. Since then the entertainment company has stated that they will be focusing on member’s individual activities and has formally announced that Yuna will now act as the main vocalist of the group.

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