Former Rainbow member Cho HyunYoung returns to stage for the first time since the group’s disbandment!

On October 28 broadcast of MBC’s “King of Masked Singer,” 8 new contestants appeared to take down the current winner. Among the new contestants was former Rainbow member, Cho Hyunyoung. She competed vigorously, but unfortunately did not make it to the next round.

Image Source – MBC “King of Masked Singer”

While performing her track before revealing her identity, Cho bursted into tears. When asked what caused the emotional outburst, Cho said, “this is the first time I sang on a stage after Rainbow disbanded. I wanted to keep walking the path of a singer, but it wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. Now I finally got to sing in front of you guys, I realize how much I’ve missed this.”

However, there was one more reason to why this performance was so special to her. Cho confessed, “I recently received a surgery to remove vocal cord polyps. Afterwards, I’ve been having some problems with singing. You said my tone was unstable because I was nervous, but it’s more because of the vocal disorder I have. After developing this disorder, I lost much confidence in singing.”

After stepping down from the stage, Cho said, “this program makes me so nervous. I was shaking as if I had drank 50 cups of coffee. I don’t think it’s a program where anyone can just go on.”

The singer also mentioned her former coworkers. Cho said, “I thinkĀ unniesĀ will probably recognize me right away. When they appeared in the programs, I instantly recognized them. The members are probably going to make fun of me for crying.”

At last, Cho Hyunyoung also expressed her gratitude towards her fans. She said, “my fans whom I cherish very much. Please look forward to my activities, as I will work diligently in every way possible.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim