Hyuna, a singer who has started her comeback countdown with Triple H, unveiled a photo shoot with beauty lifestyle magazine Allure.


In a photo spread titled “Day and Night in Hong Kong,” Hyuna showed off her exclusive and lovely charm, effortlessly pulling off a wide range of outfits ranging from casual jeans to cute sleeveless dresses, and a charming dark blue lingerie looks.

Having recently performed at her company’s concert, 2018 UNITED CUBE-ONE, Hyuna revealed that it was a new experience for her. ” I felt a new emotion in my heart because I had to lead the concert,” she said. In doing so, she had a lot of expectations. The singer revealed that she “wanted to set up a stage where not only the audiences but also the juniors who attend the concert can have fun.”

Besides being a solo artist and leading her juniors, the singer is also preparing for a comeback with the three-member unit Triple H. Following the group’s sensual “365 Fresh” from last year, Hyuna said that their new album will be “very familiar but innovative.”

Further, she promised to show fans “something new” and is considering what would make them happy. Meanwhile, Hyuna is preparing to perform in Vietnam¬†at the Bingo Music festival next month.



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Translated by O.C