Hyuna’s showed off her fashion icon charm and talked about her place as a singer in a pictorial with Elle Magazine.

Image source – Korea Daily, Elle Magazine

Singer Hyuna dons a variety of different styles that are so drastic in their difference that the only constant from picture to picture is the singer herself. In that sense, it is a perfect set for Hyuna who has released music that drifts over genres and topic while maintaining a unique characteristic that identifies the artist immediately.

In the photo spread, one of the standouts includes an outfit consisting of an uber shiny Fendy trench coat with goldenrod, mid-calf boots. Further, in another picture, the singer poses in a deconstructed outfit that appears to be little more than a body suit. Nonetheless, Hyuna creates an energetic and dynamic atmosphere, somehow conveying her personality in each picture.

The interview that followed the photo shoot presented a side of the singer that many are not aware exists. Serious and conscientious, the solo singer talked about being an artist and performer. ” If you know the stage, the more you learn the harder it seems,” she said. “There are always things that make me feel more responsible and heavier, but I think the only place I want to be is the stage. It is the place where I want to shine the most.”

However, it is not just her desires to have better performances that motivate the singer. ” Fans who trust and support me are my motivation,” Hyuna revealed. “I want to continue my relationship with fans who can talk with me even when I am older.



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