K-pop idol couple HyunA and E’Dawn have signed contracts with Psy’s recently launched entertainment label, P Nation.

P Nation

On January 27, P Nation announced the exclusive contracts with artists HyunA and E’Dawn.

Following the announcement, Psy also posted to Instagram to welcome the two. Previous to the announcement, Psy aroused curiosity by posting the hands with thumbs painted red for thumbprints.

Psy has recently launched his own entertainment label to “share what I’ve learned for the past 19 years as an artist, producer, manager, and promoter.” Launching P Nation, Psy announced rapper Jessie as the first artist to sign to the label.

P Nation

HyunA and E’Dawn, who have been dating each other for 2 years, admitted their relationship in August 2018. Although it resulted in discontinuations of contracts with Cube Entertainment, both artists didn’t afraid to be a couple in front of the public.

While HyunA and E’Dawn signed the contracts at the same time, it is not confirmed if the two artists will promote as a duo.


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