Three women who have a certain common denominator had comebacks on the same day.

Image source – SM Entertainment, Amoeba Culture, MakeUs Entertainment

Online music sites were more interesting than ever a few days ago on April 18 at 6 pm, KST. Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon has returned as a DJ while HA:TFELT confidently became a singer-songwriter after Wonder Girls. Meanwhile, Jo Hyun-ah of Urban Zakapa vowed to restore her damaged image due to a recent controversy.

Hyoyeon’s transformation from a dance-machine to a music-making machine is lethal. Her first digital single as a solo artist “Sober” has a tropical, future house sound and features an exciting hook. Moreover, sine Hyoyeon has performed as a DJ before; more anticipation had been high for her first song. Further, she has released the song in both Korean and English, which is great.

Likewise, anticipation has remained high for former Wonder Girls member HA:TFELT, real name Park Ye-eun. She has deviated from the signature pop sound of her former group. Park has taken a deep dive and established herself as a singer-songwriter due to her distinct sound.

Her new song “Pluhmm” (Korean, “It’s Up”) off her new album [Deine] is a follow-up to her last record [MEiNE], continuing a storyline and revealing new possibilities. Interestingly, the new song, which explores feelings during the period just before a relationship, takes a lighter, more feminine tone. As such, it contrasts greatly with her previous release, which has a darker and more intense concept.

It is a crucial point that highlights her continued growth as an independent artist.

Days before renowned group Urban Zakapa planned to make her anticipated solo debut, a scandal broke out. A video where Jo is seen playing with Myname singer Chaejin spread on the internet and drew a lot of negative attention.

However, she didn’t let the situation bring her down and moved on to focus on her music. Jo’s created first solo song “After You” is a sad ballad that describes the sore and painful emotions after a breakup.

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