Hyolyn recently gathered much attention for opening up about overcoming insecurities from childhood illness and post-SISTAR life.

On August 9 broadcast of tvN’s “Life Bar,” Hyolyn appeared as a guest. During the show, the singer openly shared the things and emotions she went through after SISTAR had disbanded, in addition to overcoming insecurities from suffering illness as a baby.

First, Hyolyn shared how much she misses her former co-workers. She said, “they just randomly pop up in mind while I’m about living my daily life. I think it’s because we’ve been working together for so long and we know each other more than anyone else.”

Moreover, she briefly talked about the one-man agency she had established and some of the struggles she went through as a soloist. The singer said, “I lack so much experience and knowledge so I get a lot of help from this one particular person. I’m not the CEO. My business card identifies as me as both artist and a director of the company.”

She continued, “I am a very responsible person. I used to be a person who easily forgets things and don’t get stressed out and even SISTAR members were so jealous of that. However, things have changed. Now I feel like I can’t rest and when I do, I feel guilty.”

Then, she shared about overcoming a trauma she had received from suffering an illness as a child. When MC Han Hye-Jin asked her about the abdominal tattoo, Hyolyn explained she had gotten it to cover up a surgery scar. She said, “I got a tattoo to cover up my scar. As a baby, I had an abdominal surgery twice, and the scar that resulted from the surgery was my biggest insecurity.”

She continued, “after I got the tattoo to cover it up, my insecurity went away. Currently, many parents with children suffering from Tendonosis send me a lot of and e-mails. They always ask me to be the best that I can and sing louder and harder for their children.”

Meanwhile, not long after making a comeback with “See Sea,” Hyolyn has already announced to release another surprise single “Bae.”

Image Source – tvN “Life Bar”

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Translated by Dasol Kim