With powerful moves and heated lyrics, Hyolyn left the stage on fire with her performances.

Image source – KBS

On Monday, network KBS held their annual Drama Awards at its building in Yeouido, hosted by Jun Hyun-moo and UEE.

Before the second part of the ceremony started, singer Hyolyn, took to the stage to reenergize the audience and heat up the atmosphere. As she started her performance, she said a cheeky comment to “Matrimonial Chaos” actor Cha Tae-hyun. “Cha Tae-hyun, would you like to go to the beach with me?” she asked before diving into the summer “See Sea.”

Afterward, she sang “Dally” and gained attention for her unusual outfits and sexy dance moves. Once she concluded her performance, the MCs not that the atmosphere was hot and that they could probably turn off the heater.



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