Actress Hwang Bo-ra opened up about 7 years of romantic relationship with actor Cha Hyun-woo.

Hwang Bo-ra and Cha Hyun-woo have been dating openly since 2014. Chan Hyun-woo, who is better known as Kim Yong-gun’s son and Ha Jung-woo’s brother, debuted in 1997 as a singer. Since his debut, he acted in Korean dramas and films as well.

The relationship between Hwang Bo-ra and Cha Hyun-woo has been known to be stable. Last year, Hwang Bo-ra even mentioned the possibility of marriage. The actress also mentioned how her boyfriend’s whole family is humorous, implying her close relationship with Kim Yong-gun and Ha Jung-woo as well.

“Cha Hyun-woo is so funny and I fell for that,” she said. “Basically his whole family is humorous. I’ve got absorbed in it as I dated him for such a long time.”

At the press conference for the upcoming film “Trade Your Love” on February 18, Hwang Bo-ra once again mentioned her stable relationship with her lover. To the question asking about marriage, the actress replied, “If I am to marry someone, I want to do it with my current boyfriend.”


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