After a month since his departure from Woollim Entertainment, Hoya has found a new agency.

Hoya signs with Glorious entertainment

On August 29 Hoya decided to not re-new his contract with Woollim Entertainment. However, this decision not to resign with Woollim was also accompanied with his formal departure from Infinite. Now, about a month after this announcement Hoya, now going by Lee Hoo-won, has found a new agency.

On September 26 Glorious Entertainment announced that Ho-won signed an exclusive contract with the agency. With his new agency Ho-won intends to continue pursuing music and acting endeavors.

The former Infinite member recently starred in the 2017 MBC drama “Radiant Office as the character Jang Kang-Ho. Furthermore, he has been cast to star in the musical “Hourglass” which will run from December 2017 to February 2018 in Seoul.

By O.C