Hoya Only Member of INFINITE Still Discussing Contract Renewal


With the exception of Hoya, all of the members of boy group Infinite have renewed their contracts with Woollim Entertainment.


INFINITE has been in contract renewal talks since late June. Most of the member including Sung-kyu, Dong-woo, Woo-hyun, Sung-yeol, L, and Sung-jong all signed their contracts around the same time. However, Hoya remains in discussion with the company over a variety of issues. Although unsure about the matters being discussed, an aid revealed that both Hoya and Woollim Entertainment are approaching contract deliberation cautiously because decisions over individual and group activities are being created.

In light of contract talks, INFINITE’s fans seem to be particularly concerned. The fans have been paying special attention to the contract renewals of the members through social media. Fans regularly leave comments and post questions asking for updates on contract discussions on INFINITE’s official social media channels.

A representative of the group has mentioned to the media that “the members are very proud of INFINITE and have a strong attachment to individual and group activities.” The representative continues stating that the boy group remains committed to demonstrating the group’s steadfastness that has grown over their seven years in the industry.

The group has been in contract discussions since June of this year.

By O.C