While it’s the holiday season, it’s also the “cold season”. 

We’re introducing four most popular Korean foods that Korean people eat when they have a cold. Whether you are suffering from a really bad cold right now or just trying to boost up your immune system to prevent yourself from having a cold, follow the recipes below and you will be all ready to enjoy the holiday season flu-free!

Balloon Flower Root and Pear Juice (도라지배즙)

Asian pears are well-known for having many health benefits. One Asian pear has a high concentration of vitamin C, which is enough to help both women and men to meet their daily vitamin C needs. They also contain luteolin, which helps alleviate bronchitis. Balloon flower roots’ saponin components expedite mucus production and protects the bronchus. You can easily buy the pre-made packed juice at a Korean market, however, you can also follow the recipe below if you’d like to make it yourself.



Pumpkin Porridge (호박죽)

kkppwoshizhu / Pixabay

Sweet pumpkins have beta carotene that helps resisting a cold. Pumpkin porridge also has plentiful amounts of minerals, vitamin B, and vitamin C.



 Ginseng Chicken Soup (한방삼계탕)


Many American people eat ‘chicken noodle soup’ when they are sick. Korean people eat a similar soup, however, a much more nutritious one. Chicken soup with a variety of oriental herbs and plants will give you strong energy that helps you get over the cold.



 Kimchi Bean Sprouts Soup (김치콩나물국)


Do you like kimchi? If you do, there’s no way you won’t like this dish. Hot and spicy soup with just enough amounts of kimchi and bean sprouts is not only tasty, but also warms up your body.