Hong Soo-Hyun left a quick response to the incident involving her boyfriend Microdot and his parents.

On December 6, actress Hong Soo-Hyun attended the press conference for tvN’s upcoming variety show “Seoul Mate 2” alongside her production team. The actress had gathered much attention for the attendance, for it was her first public appearance since the recent controversy involving her boyfriend, rapper Microdot, and his parents.

Hong greeted by press, “Jang Seo-Hee, who appeared as the host for the program’s first season, said this program is a lot of fun. Thanks to her, who recommended the program to me, I was able to join as the new season’s host.”

She continued, “my mates are all Hollywood actresses, so we became friendly over topics of acting. I’m glad that I gained some foreign friends with this program. I prepared a lot so that they would have the best memories during their stay in Korea.”

While the press mainly focused their questions on “Seoul Mate 2,” it was inevitable that the actress could not avoid receiving questions about her boyfriend, Microdot.

When she did face a question about Microdot, Hong Soo-Hyun kept her response short. The actress said, “I would appreciate it if you guys would ask more about the program, instead. I am worried that my involvement with the recent controversy would affect the program negatively in any way. I hope you understand.”

She concluded, “there’s not much I can say about the controversy. Especially while I’m here, an event that has nothing to do with the incident. I’m sorry.”

At the end, producer Park Sang-Hyuk showed support for Hong Soo-Hyun. Park said, “we filmed “Seoul Mates 2″ in October. Afterwards, the controversy happened. We thought a lot about hosting tonight’s event, but we decided there’s no reason for us to cancel it. Hong Soo-Hyun also had lots of worries about making a public appearance, but she is here now to promote the program.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim