Singer Hong Jin-Young is launching her own makeup brand!

On July 27, Hong Jin-Young announced that she is launching a makeup brand called “Hong Shot,” for which she participated in research and designing herself. The singer said, “I wanted to make a product that I would trust, so that everyone else would trust it, too. Also, I wanted it to be a product that is the most essential to all women.”

Image Source – Music K Entertainment

In fact, Hong Jin-Young is already known for being good at make-up. Previously, the singer had created much buzz when she appeared in tvN’s “Life Bar,” where her makeup managed to hide an “Asian glow.” During the show, the singer had a few sips of beer, which made her body and face to turn red. The netizens then saw a noticeable color difference between her face and neck, and it led to many requests asking the singer for her makeup tips.

In response, Hong Jin-Young opened up a YouTube channel, invited her personal makeup artist, and tutored people on the makeup method. Afterwards, the singer revealed, “until now, I had to mix foundation, concealer, and BB cream to make the perfect shade/product. I wanted to lessen the steps, so I invented a “one shot” product so that you don’t have to mix and match various products to get exactly what you want.”

On July 30, Hong Jin-Young will present her makeup brand “Hong Shot” for the first time through her YouTube channel and SNS accounts. Furthermore, she plans to invite a researcher whom she had worked together to invent the product to answer any questions from the public. Furthermore, the singer will also appear in a Lotte Home Shopping Channel on the following day to advertise the brand herself.

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Translated by Dasol Kim