Home shoppers bought up trot singer Hong Jin-young’s coveted cosmetic line.

Hong shot

On the morning of August 26, trot singer Hong Jin-young appeared on GS Home Shopping to advertise and inform viewers on some products from “Hong Shot” her new and coveted cosmetics line. In particular, she personally demonstrated how to use her foundation, concealer, lip-tint, and other interesting make-up products.

Before the broadcast ended, the singer’s entire line had sold out. According to the network, over 7,700 sets, which include liquid bottle foundation, a cushion compact, and liquid lipstick, were bought. Further, although this is the singer’s third time appearing on the GS Home Shopping, her products continue to exceed expectations.

In response to the positive reception to her make-up, Hong took to her Instagram account to thank buyers. “After the show started, everything sold out. Thank you very much for your interest,” she said.

A GS Home Shopping representative said that when the singer appears on their program, online interest skyrocket. Online searched for “Hong Shot Foundation” ranks high in real-time search algorithms along with other products from her line.

Meanwhile, Hong announced her make-up line in July.



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