Singer Kim Jong-kook seems to have warmed up to his new loveline on SBS’ “Running Man.”

Image source – SBS

Kim Jong-kook left the “Running Man” set in shambles, not due to his brute strength, but to a word he said while filming. On the most recent episode of the show, the producers sent the cast on various missions around Seoul to gather the most money by the episode’s end.

At one point in a betting house that the producers created, members Haha, Song Ji-hyo, Yang Se-chan, and Kim Jong-kook found themselves simultaneously working with and against each other to for more money. Taking on a challenge involving the pop-up pirate game, the lucky ace of the cast won on her first try leaving her with an excess of funds that she could give to the other members.

In an attempt to sway her decision, Kim approached Song and surprised everyone by calling her “honey.” Cast and crew alike broke down in laughter and shock at the singer’s unexpected comment. Even Haha, who has approached the new loveline between Kim and Song enthusiastically, couldn’t hide his surprise and embarrassment (and satisfaction).




By O.C