There will be three major group comebacks on the same day in November.

Pledis Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment

Entertainment companies spend a lot of time determining the right day for their artists to return. A release on a good day and time can greatly affect results and help to avoid direct competition. Because of this, it is usual in monthly comeback schedules for artists to comeback or debut one per day with major groups leaving about a week between returns. Since there are so many groups in the K-pop world, two per day sometimes happens. However, November is shaping up to be a mess.

November 6 will mark the return of legendary group Super Junior, hugely popular SEVENTEEN, and the steadily growing DAY6. Moreover, each of these groups have great reputations, talent, visuals, and most importantly, huge fandoms.

However, these are not the only big groups that are expected to comeback in November. The overwhelming WANNAONE and fierce boy group MONSTA X are expected to return as well. On the other side, for girl groups and artists, Gugudan and Kim Chung-ha have scheduled comebacks.

ASTRO, Samuel, Park Hyo-shin, and Yoo Seung-woo are other notable artists returning next month.

By O.C