[Hot Clip] Holland Opens Up About Being the First Openly Gay Idol


Holland reveals details about his journey, not only as an artist but as a member of the LGBTQ community in South Korea as well.


“Neverland,” Holland’s debut single, has made waves for its unabashed depiction of a relationship between two men. With homosexuality still viewed as taboo in South Korea, this was a significant and courageous move — one motivated by his own experiences.

In middle school, the singer told his closest friends that he was gay. As a result of his confession, he was bullied and isolated saying that he did not get any support or comfort from anyone — not his friends, family or public figure. Inspired by that experience, he developed the belief ” there has got to be a public figure who can speak up for others.”

later, when the topic of his song arose, Holland explained the meaning behind the song. “Neverland,” he said, “It’s a place only for children. Just innocent children, not adults. I wanted to be like children who are honest about their feeling…not to lose that sort of innocence.” Further, he mentions that it took a lot of courage for him to debut and advised anyone else struggling with their identity or dreams to “Never lose your self-esteem and be confident.”

Make sure to check out Holland’s song “Neverland” here.


By O.C