This week’s new episode of KBS’s Happy Together 4, touched on the hardships, scandals and behind the scene stories with Jeon So Min, Park Yoo Na, Hong Jin Young, Jo Bin and Kim Ho Young.

New episode of KBS’s Happy Together that aired on February 28 was full of laughter and behind the scene stories shared by guests Running Man’s Jeon So Min, Sky Castle‘s Park Yoo Na, trot fairy Hong Jin Young, Norzao’s Jo Bin and musical actor Kim Ho Young.

KBS’s Happy Together (2001-present) a talk show in its 4th season with Yoo Jae Suk and Jun Hyun Moo as the main MCs. Other regular members are Jo Se Ho and Jo Yoon Hee.


Dating Rumors

Sky Castle’s couple

Actress Park Yoo Na (aka Sky Castle‘s Seri) shared she had no idea her co-stars Kim Bora and Jo Byung-gyu were dating. She realizes the two people were often missing during Sky Castle casts’ vacation to Phuket.

Jeon So Min’s predicament

When Shin Dong Yup predicted Jeon So Min was dating fellow Running Man member Lee Kwang Soo during the SBS Entertainment Awards, Lee Kwang Soo was really panicked! Turns out Kwang Soo was pinching Yoo Jae Suk’s leg under the table for help since he knows his dating news will be in the papers the next morning.

A fortune teller told Jeon So Min she needs to get married within 3 years to her exasperation since she doesn’t have any opportunity to look for a husband.

Jeon So Min’s mom-is a fan of Yang Se Chan-who told Jeon So Min to search for her future spouse among her friends. As a result, Jeon So Min jokingly proposed to Yang Se Chan. She asked Yang Se Chan to marry her if neither of them are married in a few years. 

Hong Sisters’ popularity

Hong Jin Young is a highly demanded commercial model. All of her commercials has increased sales which credits to the trot singer’s popularity.

Hong Sun Young, Hong Jin Young’s sister, has received 20 commercial offers. Jin Young shares her sister is more popular than herself when they are together in public. Jin Young often feels like she’s Sun Young’s manager.

Responding to Haters

Park Yoo Na is assumed to be very intimidating through her role as Seri in Sky Castle. As a result Park Yoo Na’s mother responds to all of Park Yoo Na’s haters by reporting all the hateful comments.

Hong Jin Young responds to some haters by telling them she will work harder. She once replied to a hater with “What do you hate about me? I will try to fix it.”

Jo Bin has previously responded to haters by genuinely responding to them. There was an instance when some left a comment telling the Norazo member to become a comedian instead of a singer. Jo Bin replied with a genuine answer of “I previously auditioned to be a comedian but I wasn’t selected.”

Kim Ho Young uses “eye for an eye” response to his haters by telling them he doesn’t like them either.

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