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Group Highlight’s member Yang Yo-seob said hi to his fans for the first time since he joined the army.

On February 21st, Yang Yo-seob posted a photo and wrote: “Nice to see you again!”.

In the shared photo, Yang Yo-seob, who is in a military uniform, is looking at the camera with a smile. The post was shared to let his fans know that he has finished a month long training that began on January 24th.

Earlier, Highlight’s official social media accounts posted Yang Yo-seob’s handwritten letter. In the letter, he wrote: “I am doing very well. I am finding a sense of calmness here by looking at the clear sky or bright moon and stars, which I didn’t have time for when I was in the city. I am eating well, sleeping well, and my bronchitis is completely healed”.

After seeing the photo he posted yesterday, fans have commented: “It’s so good to see you healthy”, “I already miss you”, “Have a wonderful time with your family”, and “Best luck on the rest of your military duty!”.

Meanwhile, Yang Yo-seob will continue serving for the military as a duty police.


Original article
by Audrey Joung