You won’t have to go to multiple places to enjoy Highlight and Block B’s concerts, they will both be at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium.

Jamsil Gymnasium

Highlight will be holding a concert at the Seoul Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium next month. The December concert will be held over three days from the 21-23 — just in time for an early holiday celebration!

Another group set to hold a concert the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium is the hip-hop boy group Block B. Block B will hold a solo concert next year in January on the 27 and 28.

In addition to the concert location being a commonality, the groups something else in common. Both boy groups have recently had a comeback.

Highlight celebrated their eight anniversary with their second mini-album, CELEBRATE, in October. On the other hand, Block B had their comeback this week with grooving “Shall We Dance” from their new album Montage.

By O.C

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