Heo Kyung-Hwan reveals that he once had to pay back a huge debt of 300 million won that his past business partner had created!

On November 21 broadcast of MBC “Radio Star,” Heo Kyung-Hwan appeared as a guest alongside actor Park Kwang-Hyun, comedians Kim Hak-Do and Kim Hyun-Chul. These 4 celebrities were invited to represent “two-job celebrities” – celebrities who own a separate business aside from their main careers as actor and comedians.

Image Source – MBC ‘Radio Star’

Heo Kyung-Hwan, whose chicken breast business has reportedly reached a yearly profit of 90 billion won said, “I was searching for something that I know the best. The first thing that popped up into my mind was chicken breast. At the time, there were only 3 to 4 places that were selling processed chicken breast. That’s where I got the idea from.”

However, not everything on the way came as easy.

The comedian revealed that his past business partner had made a huge mistake that resulted in 300 million won worth of debt (approximately $265,000). He continued, “I received a call from the bank during live radio broadcast. Afterwards, I paid a visit to the bank with the document of house deed.”

Furthermore, some even tried to take advantage of the celebrity’s fame and popularity. Heo continued, “one time, this owner of a poultry farm came to me. He showed me a number of eggs and asked me to do business with him since they are about to hatch. It was hard for me to get angry with these silly questions because they frequently threatened to reveal my secret to the press.”

Thankfully, his chicken breast business was a success.

He revealed, “if the sales were good, we would reach over 7 million won (approximately $6,000) a day. In response, Kim Hyun-Chul asked, “that’s the net income?” to which Heo Kyung-Hwan jokingly answered, “please think about the question you just asked.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim