HA:TFELT Ye-Eun is finally moving into a new house, after living in her old one for 10 years!

On June 11 broadcast of MBN’s “Flying Girls,” Ye-Eun revealed her new house for the first time. She also shed tears as she prepared to say goodbye to her old house, in which she lived for the past 10 years.

In the program, she visited her new house with her manager to think about how she wants to design the interiors. The new house had a unique structure, where the house was divided into 3 whole floors, each divided into two different floors. In addition, the cast of “Flying Girls” was taken aback at the mini bamboo forest in the middle of the house.

Regarding the new house, Ye-Eun revealed that “for the first time, I bought my own house. Of course, half of it belongs to the bank”. She continued, “I was looking for a house in the neighborhood that I’m in right now. However, it was too expensive so I started looking around where my agency is located.”

Furthermore, she added, “outdoor area is very important to me, and I need a space where I can freely work on music. Then, I found the perfect house for me”. She also revealed that she had to pay monthly for the current house. Therefore, to save money, Ye-Eun decided to buy her own house.

After she returned to her current house, she worked on music for 7 straight hours. As she concluded her work, she grabbed a can of beer and headed to the roof to say one last goodbye.

While on the rooftop, Ye-Eun showed tears. “I started living here when I debuted 11 years ago with Wonder Girls,” she said. “Afterwards, I moved around various areas and dorms, but I’m not a member of Wonder Girls anymore. I’m starting this new chapter of my life as HA:TFELT.”

She continued, “I had grown familiar with this place, a part of my daily life. Now that I have to leave, I feel both sad and refreshing to say this is not my place anymore.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim