Han Ye-seul going public about her medical accident has resulted in an unforeseen development.

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Image source – OSEN News

When Han Ye-seul posted images of her surgery wound on social media, no one would have guessed that it would start a movement. In addition to the hospital admitting wrongdoing and offering compensation, 2,000 people have signed a petition regarding medical accidents.

The petition was created the day after Han’s post on the 20th. According to the petition, the people are requesting that a bill be enacted to “relieve the burden of proof for the victims” should there be a medical accident. In turn, they are also asking for medical practitioners to carry more liability. Notable, they directly reference the actress in the petition.

The appeal goes on to note the process that many patients have to go through. This process may include contacting the Ofice of Medical Conflicts and request mediation. As such, they argue that the current system puts the affected patient in a “very disadvantageous” position.

As of yet the Blue House has made not commented on the petition.

Meanwhile, Han Ye-seul got surgery on April second to remove a lipoma from her arm. However, the procedure did not go as planned and she was left with a scar. Since then, Han has posted an additional image, and the hospital issued an official apology for the accident.

According to a recent report from her lawyer, Han is seeking 20 million won (18,573 USD) in restitution.



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