Han Ye-Seul has confirmed to make her long-awaited return to small screen with upcoming SBS drama!

On December 12, it was stated that Han Ye-Seul has confirmed to star in SBS’ upcoming drama “Big Issue.” For the first time in a year, Han announces her return to the small screen and generated buzz among fans.

Image Source – Partners Park

“Big Issue” tells a story about a paparazzo who chases after scandals after scandals. Director Lee Dong-Hoon of “Tazza” and “Protect the Boss” and writer Jang Hyuk-Rin of “The K2” have joined forces to produce the drama.

Meanwhile, Han Ye-Seul will play in the role of Ji Soo-Hyun, the chief editor at a news outlet company. Using her extensive network of people and information, she ruthless discovers and reveals scandals of many celebrities.

While she hoped to become a journalist with integrity, who only chases after the truth, she faces the reality and chooses to stand on the dark side of journalism.

Previously, Han Ye-Seul received much love from the public for her outgoing and bright characters in various dramas. However, the actress plans to undergo a drastic change in her image to best portray the vicious character in the upcoming drama.

“Big Issue” will premiere sometime in February after the end of “The Last Empress.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim