Actress Han Go-Eun has opened up about the allegations of fraud against her father.

On December 6, Mada Entertainment released an official statement regarding actress Han Go-Eun and the allegations of fraud made against her father.

Previously, a person known as “A” came forward to make an accusation of fraud against the father of Han Go-Eun. “A” argued that after asking him to co-sign a paper for loan in 1980, Han’s parents went into hiding. As a result, “A” was left to pay back the principle amount of 30 million won and overdue interest of 3.2 million won.

“A” supposedly reached out to the parents of Han Go-Eun. While the family did respond to the request, they soon immigrated to the United States.

The following is the official statement:

Hello, this is Han Go-Eun’s agency Mada Entertainment. At this time, we would like to state our response to the news about Han’s father, that was published today.

On November 30, we received the news and information regarding Han Go-Eun’s father. Afterwards, we decided that if the allegations were true, it’s only right that we solve the misunderstandings as quickly and smoothly as possible.

The person who provided us with the information asked for the contact information of Han Go-Eun’s father. In order to confirm the details and give out the contact information, we had to communicated with her father, first. However, Han Go-Eun has not been in contact with her father for the last 20 years, with an exception of two occasions, which were her father’s wedding and her mother’s funeral.

Consequently, we had to reach out to her closest relatives in order to figure out the father’s contact information. On December 1, we delivered the contact information to the person who requested it. Furthermore, we assured that if they needed anything else from us, we are willing to provide without hesitation. We also apologized repeatedly and told them to reach out to us anytime they needed to.

However, the person ended up informing the media and it became public news.

After immigrating to the United States, Han Go-Eun had lived a difficult life. Because of her father, who neglected his own family, the family members had to live separately. Han ended up returning to Korea and taking over the role as the head of the household. Since her school years, Han Go-Eun has never once received a support from her father. In fact, she was the one to provide him with living expenses, instead.

Even after her debut, she received threats while on set due to reasons of which she was not aware of, and continued to repay debts she had no knowledge about. After her mother passed away two years ago, she faced yet another family problem due to the inheritance. Once again, the actress was forced to give up many things, but ended her relationship with her father for good in return. Afterwards, they decided to go separate ways.

It was a difficult decision for Han Go-Eun to open up about her family. However, she made this decision as an apology to those who received harm from her father. No matter what the excuse is, we will try our hardest to solve all misunderstandings with all parties involved.

Once again, we apologize for creating such controversy.

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Translated by Dasol Kim